The Top 5 Spots Most Companies Forget to Clean

Discover the top 5 spots most companies overlook when cleaning their office spaces in Rapid City, South Dakota. Learn why professional commercial cleaning services are essential for a healthier, more productive work environment. From door handles to air vent entrances, a commercial cleaner pays attention to the details that matter most.


10/26/20232 min read

a desk with a chair and a plant in front of a yellow wall
a desk with a chair and a plant in front of a yellow wall

When it comes to maintaining a clean office space, it's easy to overlook certain areas. However, neglecting these often-forgotten spots can lead to a less-than-ideal work environment. If you're a business in Rapid City, South Dakota, and have been relying on a generic cleaning routine, it's time to level up your approach with professional commercial cleaning services.

Why You Need Commercial Cleaning Services

A cleaner workspace is not just an aesthetic choice; it's a necessity for the well-being of your employees and clients. Studies have shown that a clean work environment boosts productivity and reduces sick days. A commercial cleaner can offer specialized cleaning services that go beyond what your in-house janitorial staff can provide. This includes high-grade disinfectants, industrial cleaning equipment, and trained staff who know how to target high-traffic and often-neglected areas.

Top 5 Overlooked Cleaning Spots in Commercial Spaces

Here are the top 5 spots that most companies in Rapid City, South Dakota, forget to clean but absolutely shouldn't:

Door Handles and Light Switches

We touch them all day, but how often do they get cleaned? Door handles and light switches are breeding grounds for germs. A professional commercial cleaner knows how important these high-contact points are and will ensure they're disinfected regularly.

Air Vent Entrances

While the inner workings of the HVAC system may not be in your purview, the entrance areas of the air vents can still collect dust and debris. This can affect the overall air quality in the office. A commercial cleaner will make sure to clean these entrance areas.

Behind and Underneath Office Equipment

These are areas that are often ignored because they're not easily accessible. However, dust and dirt can accumulate rapidly, causing damage to your equipment and impacting air quality. A commercial cleaner will make sure these spots are not forgotten.

Windowsills and Blinds

While windows might get an occasional clean, the sills and blinds often go ignored. These areas collect dust and can harbor mold if exposed to moisture. Regular cleaning is essential to keep these spots pristine.

Elevator Buttons

Like door handles and light switches, elevator buttons are a high-touch area that need regular disinfecting. Any reputable commercial cleaning service will ensure that these are sanitized frequently.

Why Choose a Local Commercial Cleaner in Rapid City, South Dakota

Opting for local commercial cleaning services not only supports businesses in your community but also ensures faster response times and personalized services. If you're in Rapid City, South Dakota, consider hiring a commercial cleaner who understands local needs and regulations.


So, the next time you evaluate your office cleaning needs, don't overlook these critical areas. By hiring a professional commercial cleaning service in Rapid City, South Dakota, you ensure a thorough cleaning that goes beyond the superficial.

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Don't compromise on cleanliness; choose a commercial cleaner that gets the job done right.